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As Sönmezler Metal quality  of pipe profile is a matter of prime importance for us in the industry. Quality of product that consumers value should not be limited to just product. This system where human factor is prioritized in its each stage is directly proportional to the degree of the quality of service. Service quality is classified as planning, order, production, sales and after-sales.

Service quality classes.


The order can be seen as the most important pillar of service quality. Order is intended to control the moment when material is needed by  customer orders. It is believed that remaining  faithful to inventory turnover rate, keeping customer satisfaction at  maximum level and  delivery of orders in due time will enable supplying variable consumer demands.  



Giving shape to sheet material, producing pipe profile and knowing that  your products are used in millions industrial productions  in various domestic and foreign markets show  how important it is. Zero  defect policy is applied in all areas of our production processes. Pre-production quality control, production moment and post-production quality control principles are  applied. All quality control and quality assurance team inspect staff in all processes. The control mechanism  is transformed to  controlled production mechanism.



Production on demand is a factor that defines the moment when sale occurs and quality of service. Service quality is crowning moment when the right product is delivered from the factory. Each  product  is produced and shipped  in a way to serve to environment then its  purpose of intended production within prescribed limits and period as long as the product is used on earth. For us sales to our customers is an event of delivering security . For us  sales process continues  until products manufactured by us reach to final consumer. We see each of our suppliers as our partner and we act accordingly.  

After Sales:

Service and product quality covers after-sales support. In order to control these areas more healthy changing production methods are published continuously. Each month's customer  satisfaction survey is a rule to follow after-sales services and to take into account and implement given advices.

Because Sönmezler Metal consider environmental factors primarily from legal and consumer perspectives CE certification has been obtained  for quality certificate. This quality document is for   mode of production and products. In addition to CE mark,  TSE 10219-1 has been registered for all of our products quality certification.

Quality understanding should be service oriented instead of product and human oriented as factor serving the service.

Service quality > Product quality

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