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Machinery Production

As Sönmezler Metal we produce machinery used in industrial pipes and profiles.

Our full guaranteed services;

- Turnkey ERW pipe and profile production lines
- Roll openers and slitting lines
- Length cutting line
- Solid State high frequency welding machines
- Cold Saws
- Forming Rolls group
- Renovation of existing systems
- Factory staff training
- After-sales service

All Sönmezler  metal machines are  designed and manufactured according to the standards and specifications are prepared in accordance with the requirements of the technical regulations.

Quality assurance system

2008 standard: Design control, process control, delivery control, installation, service and control of entire process are carried out according to ISO:9001. Workers quality manual of quality system, procedures files, job training are carried out under   technical and management standards of our company.

With the goal of providing our customers   always with maximum efficiency from our machines, we keep and complete all of our responsibilities and promises as Sönmezler Metal during installation of machines, warranty period and after the expiry of the warranty period, commissioning and first month with staff training.