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Vision and Mission


Sönmezler Metal is  established with 100% foreign capital is proud of added value and employment that it provides to the national economy. At the end of the year 2012 Sönmezler Metal has employed 200 staff in the pipe profile and slitting lines  as well as molding plant. 


In addition to ongoing pipe profile and slitting lines molding (melting) facility of annual 45,000-ton capacity was completed in March 2012. Firstly, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical components of additional lines and systems reinforce our existing  machinery and equipment and pipe and profile lines for targeted capacity increase will be produced  in our molding facility and CNC Machinery Park. Our molding facility produces piece roll casting, high-alloy steels, cold working tools (2379 mold steels) peak castings, nodular iron castings, low carbon steel, high carbon steel, entire machine and gear parts for rolling facilities.


In our molding facilities we produce melting  furnaces for plants, pot furnaces, continuing molding systems, hot rolling lines and all mechanical, electric and hydraulic systems of pipe profiles from 2.4” t0 24” with 40 CNC machines and equipment park established to serve domestic market. 



Dynamic staff continuously trained on new production and management techniques, whilst maintaining production according to the highest quality standards and strictly implement the most modern quality control methods. Customer service and after-sales service are another important phenomenon as much important as production quality   for the company. That's why great care is taken from order to delivery for  customer  requests. Current production and the resulting increase in capacity have been supported by environmental documents in the scope of the environmental impact with measures that  do affect the natural life.